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Open DocumentDescriptionTitleDocument DatePlan StatusReferenceOpen Original
04 MFU Refusal of Major full appSep 6, 2019pdf
Representation LetterMrs Julia WhyteSep 2, 2019
Representation LetterMatthew DunneSep 2, 2019
Representation LetterProfessor Jim HaywoodSep 2, 2019
Representation LetterEsme TaylorAug 30, 2019
Committee ReportAug 21, 2019PDF
Representation LetterMr Mike HornJul 23, 2019
Proposed Combined Plans001 rev G (amended) (Refused)Jul 5, 2019Refused001 rev G (amended)
Landscaping541/01 rev C (amended) (Refused)Jul 5, 2019Refused541/01 rev C (amended)
Sections003 rev F (amended) (Refused)Jul 5, 2019Refused003 rev F (amended)
General Correspondenceagent email (additional info) (Submitted)Jul 5, 2019Submittedagent email (additional info)
Photos3D photo montages (additional (Submitted)Jul 5, 2019Submitted3D photo montages (additional
General Correspondence541/02 rev B (amended) (Refused)Jul 5, 2019Refused541/02 rev B (amended)
General CorrespondenceConstruction+ Environment mana (Submitted)Jul 5, 2019SubmittedConstruction+ Environment mana
Representation LetterMr Mike HornJun 3, 2019
Representation LetterD PercyMay 30, 2019
Representation LetterCPRE DevonMay 10, 2019DOC
Layout001 rev E +Sections(Superseded)Apr 11, 2019Superseded001 rev E
Other Plans002 rev C Site Levels(Superseded)Apr 11, 2019Superseded002 rev C
Sections003 rev C (Superseded)Apr 11, 2019Superseded003 rev C