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Open DocumentDescriptionTitleDocument DatePlan StatusReferenceOpen Original
Discharge of ConditionsApr 20, 2016
Delegated Officer ReportJul 7, 2015
Decision Notice (02 FUL)Jul 6, 2015RTF
Additional InformationSURFACE WATER DETAILS (Submitted)Jun 10, 2015SubmittedSURFACE WATER DETAILS
Proposed Site Plan1420-102 J (Submitted)May 14, 2015Submitted1420-102 J
Proposed Combined Plans1420-103 L floor+roof(Approved)May 14, 2015Approved1420-103 L
Proposed Combined Plans1420-104 L elevations+sections(Approved)May 14, 2015Approved1420-104 L
Planning ApplicationMay 14, 2015
General CorrespondenceAGENTS LETTER (Submitted)May 14, 2015SubmittedAGENTS LETTER
Flood Risk Assessment(Submitted)May 14, 2015Submitted
Protected Species ReportRICHARD GREEN ECOLOGY (Submitted)May 14, 2015SubmittedRICHARD GREEN ECOLOGY
Location Plans1420-0S C (Approved)May 14, 2015Approved1420-0S C
Existing Combined Plans1420-100 F floor+roof(Submitted)May 14, 2015Submitted1420-100 F
Existing Combined Plans1420-101 F elevations+sections(Submitted)May 14, 2015Submitted1420-101 F